What is SAP Ariba Snap?

What is SAP Ariba SNAP?

SAP Ariba Snap is  set of procure-to-pay tools aimed at supporting midsized companies as they digitise their procurement process.

If your annual turnover is less than USD $1 billion, SAP Ariba Snap is aimed at you. Not only can these tools help you automate and optimise multiple procurement functions, SAP Ariba Snap helps to prepare you to grow into SAP Ariba Cloud’s S2P system as you grow.

PLAN, BUY and PAY with SAP Ariba

PLAN, BUY and PAY with SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba lets you manage every aspect of the procurement process, from the planning stage right through chosing what you want to buy and paying for it.

This video gives you a brief rundown of the process, inclduing guided buying and mobile apps.

Learn how SAP Ariba can help you get more from procurement by watching this video.

Procurement Operations Desk Overview

The Procurement Operations Desk helps knit procurement teams together across sites and functions

If you already have Ariba Buying and/or Sourcing, all you need to do to activate the Procurement Operations Desk is to send a support ticket via your Designated Syupport Contact.

It’s a completely free feature that lets you designate post-order procurement roles based on personas and roles. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.

Ariba Innovations with Hana Cloud Platform

SAP Ariba and S/4 HANA combined form a powerful platform

With the right configuration, you can add a range of innovative ordering techniques to your SAP Ariba deployment.

Order replacement supplies by scanning QR codes on mobile devices, via voice activated email, and even with connected IoT sensors.

The SAP Ariba Buying Guide Demo

 Guided Buying – find out how SAP Ariba can help keep your buying process on track

Guided buying is a feature included with SAP Ariba that makes the buying process more intuitive. The user is guided through the procurement process, keping them within the set parameters for price, supplier features, and more.

This 2016 video demonstrates the guided buying feature as it was when first imagined. As you can see, SAP has always taken the time to develop new additions to the Ariba platform, making its ready to meet tomorrows business needs, today.